If you're like me and you have a ton of alts, you probably just have netherweave bags on most of them. If so, you know how it feels to have such tiny bag space, and how quickly you can up on items. On the other hand, you know how expensive bags can be on the AH. On my server, even embersilk bags go for around 700g, while Royal Satchels go for a whopping 3-4k.

Well, to fix this without paying a ton of money, visit, and solo, these instances for 3 free, guaranteed 20+ slot bag drops. All of these bosses are easily solo'd by most 90s, but you can always bring a friend if you're having trouble. Just make sure you tell him he can have everything but the bags!

These are the 100% drop rate bags we'll be going after:

Pit Lord's Satchel - Item - World of Warcraft

Enlarged Onyxia Hide Backpack - Item - World of Warcraft

Dragon Hide Bag - Item - World of Warcraft

-1. Pit Lord's Satchel: First, you'll want to visit Magtheridon's Lair, located in the middle of Hellfire Heninsula. Kill the mobs and make your way down to Magtheridon. Kill him in whatever way you can, and he will drop a 20 slot bag called "The Pit Lord's Satchel."

-2. Onyxia Hide Backpack: Make your way to Onyxia's Lair in Southern Dustwallow Marsh. It's located in the "Wyrmbog." Make your way inside the instance, and kill all of the mobs heading to the boss. Once you reach Onyxia, start the fight. At this point in the game, you shouldn't have any trouble with her flight phase, even if you're a melee class. I solod her enough to make her land yesterday on my warrior by just using stormbolt and heroic throws. Once dead, she'll drop the Enlarged Onyxia Hide Backpack, a 22 slot bag!

-3. Dragon Hide Bag: Finally, head to Northerend, in the Dragonblight. Fly over to Wyrmrest Temple, and go under it, inside the instance "Obsidium Sanctum." Make your way around the instance killing all the mobs. When you've cleared everything, head to the middle and engage the boss, Sartharion. You shouldn't have any trouble with him, and when defeated, he'll drop a 22 slot bag! If you're feeling cocky as well, you can try killing him with all 3 drakes up for the free mount that drops.

And that's it! You've gotten 3 20+ slot bags, for nothing more then a little bit of your time. In addition, you may have also gotten a few achievements and even some mounts as well.

The below bags are technically free as well; however they do not have a 100% drop rate as the above, or they require substantial time to acquire, so unless you get these while running for something else, it might be better to buy one last bag

-4. Papa's Brand New Bag: If you're feeling lucky, head up to Icecrown, set your dungeon to heroic, and enter the "Forge of Souls" instance. The first boss, Bronjahm, has a chance to drop a bag called "Papa's Brand New Bag." Solo him, and hopefully, it will drop, giving you a full set of 20+ bags! (He drops one on normal too, but it's not as big as the heroic version). If you're extremely lucky, you might even get a bonus Battered Hilt like I did, on your first run!

Papa's Brand New Bag - Item - World of Warcraft

-5. Sun Touched Satchel: Head over to Shattrah.Take the Portal to Isle of Quel'Danas, and head to the instance "Magister's Terrace." Set dungeon to "Heroic" and head on in. Although the bag can also drop on normal, we're running on heroic for the chance for the Swift White Hawkstrider, since the bag alone isn't worth a run. Kill everything inside, as this bag drops from ALL MOBS AND BOSSES. The mobs are very close together, and the instance is linear, so you won't have a problem. With a little bit of luck, you might find a Sun Touched Satchel of 20 slots. Since many people spam run this dungeon each day for the mount and Pheonix battlepet, getting this bag will be a nice bonus. Just remember to take a second to loot everything.

Sun Touched Satchel - Item - World of Warcraft

-6 Tattered Hexcloth Bag: Head on Over to Zul' Aman in Ghostlands. When there, find "Witch Doctor T'wansi" at the entrance. Accept his quest The Hex Lord's Fetish. You'll need to kill "Hex Lord Malacrass". Down below is a map from Icy-veins. The Hex Lord is #5

Kill him, and make sure to loot him for his quest item. Return the item to T'wansi, and enjoy your new 24 slot bag!

Tattered Hexcloth Bag - Item - World of Warcraft

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