I was sitting ingame, being capped on my Justice Points when i started testing methods to increase my amount!
I came up with this idea, which works:

First cap 4000/4000 Justice Points.
2nd step: Queue for a random HC scenario. Everytime you finish a scenario, u'll get rewarded with a bag called: Greater Cache of Treasureshttp://www.wowhead.com/item=98133#contains-currency

Because of the fact, that you are capped, these 50 Justice Points (reward for each scenario / each bag) will stay in your treasure, and therefore can be used later on.

This is a cool trick you can take use of, if you are waiting for patches to launch - be ahead of everyone else when it comes to Justice Points - or just simple stack up a infinite amount of Justice Points if you think about buying hierlooms // PVP gear // PVE gear, anything is possible!

Two screenshots of this ''trick'':

As you can see, I am JP capped, and still got the treasure ready for use whenever any JPs are used.
I'm currently having 10 of these treasure lying in my bags, which is an extra 500 JP.
You can have as many as you wish!

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