This trick was mailed to us from a reader:

Hello, I am a player from a realm, and recently the bug relating to hunter's pet are spread far enough that normal PvE experience is totally destroyed. Players who exploit this bug may kill 25 Heroic SOO bosses in several seconds.

The trick of this bug is to make temporary buffs which should last several seconds to be permanently active in their pets, or leave buffs that should be active in certain encounters useable in all areas. They often trigger this bug by sending their pets to the stable master right after it was dismissed, when their intended buffs are applied, then wait for a server scheduled maintenance. After the maintenance, sometimes the buffs are kept for days.

In particular, the Quilin in Kun-Lai summit is used most, because it is casted with the buff "Animated" (spell id 114969) that increases damage by 200%. Several hunters found the way to exploit powerful buffs that let their pet do millions of damage per second.

For more details please refer to the following screenshots:

This still works with Bestail Wrath, along with all other hunter pet buffs.
And it's doable pr. week, so first week your pet gains a 10 Days Bestail Wrath buff(Stacks with the 10 second Version).

Stable the pet, get it out right before maintenance and BW it again, Bestail Wrath should now be stacked.

Along with 4 Set for hunters, your pet with deal more and more dmg, along with buffing YOU for 30% more dmg don

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