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Wednesday, October 16

Nice farming spot in Kasarang wilds with the potion of luck.

There is a neat little spot in the Kasarang Wilds that is really nice for farming plundered treasures/motes/gold/random epic boe's/greens and blues.

In the little map below is a small village of pandaren that are constantly being attack by the following creatures (they spawn very quickly and drop alot!)

I have tried this out myself a few times (with a blood dk) when i had a chance and within a space of 30-40 minutes using potions of luck i was able to accumulate over 400g (just picking it up), 20-30 plundered treasures, 4 stacks of white trillium ore, 2 stacks of black trillium ore, 8-9 stacks of windwool cloth, 3-4 BOE epics and many blues and greens which i either sold on the auction house or de'd.

This is the map and where the little village is located:

P.S - All the mobs are 90 normals and are easily farmed by tanks/ anyone that can heal themselves and anyone that can kite/kill well.

I also did a lot of searching throughout the forums first before i posted this to make sure there wasn't anything identical (which i couldn't find anything in the same spot, but i did find similar spots.)

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