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Sunday, October 20

Rogues! Get Wicked High Arena Rating - Minimal Skill Required!

I'll keep it short. The Idea takes advantage of the new tie-breaker mechanic. For Arena matches lasting longer than 15 minutes, the team that brought an enemy player closest to death will receive a buff called "The Crowd Chose You" that increases damage, critical strike chance, stealth detection, and reduces damage taken.Essentially the plan is to drag each match a full 15 minutes, remaining stealthed the whole time aside from 6 or so seconds of burst in the beginning.
  1. Find Yourself another rogue (2 other rogues if you want to do 3's)
  2. Spec subltey & acquire medium level of competence with aforementioned spec
  3. Pick up Subterfuge & Glyph of Stealth
  4. Download an arena eye timer Deadly Boss Mods (I believe this displays the eye cool-downs by default, can someone verify this?)
  5. Queue up and skulk around stealthed, picking up eyes every 90 seconds and re-stealthing
  6. When ready pick the squishiest enemy, Tricks each other, blades/dance (pop everything), then Cloak & Vanish.
  7. For the remainder of the fight stay stealthed until the 15 minute mark.
  8. Since you brought the enemy closest to death you will receive "the crowd chose you" buff and can now easily dispatch them.

I meant to try this as soon as the season started with my buddy but we haven't been playing so i'm anxious to see how this works for some of you at higher rating. All you gotta do is grab 9 eyes and avoid getting caught and with baseline prep couple with the short cd on cloak it makes it pretty hard for them to do anything significant to you. Like to see if a feral druid could pull it off as well.

Here's the tricks macro for the uninitiated:
#showtooltip Tricks of the Trade
/cast [@yourpartnersname] Tricks of the Trade

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