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Monday, October 14

Roll Club Teleport Exploit

I was screwing around and doing Roll Club: Serpent's Spine backwards when I stumbled onto this one.
This exploit will give you a predictable, unpreventable teleport back to the quest giver in Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

  1.  Set up a 10 minute timer by typing "/timer 10:00" but don't start it yet (This is just for your reference)
  2.  Talk to Kelari Featherfoot in Vale of Eternal Blossoms and select "Let's Roll"
  3.  Once you get ported onto Serpents Spine start the timer and make a U-turn back towards the Gate of the Setting Sun portal
  4.  Roll into the portal (you may need to roll through it again if you don't get ported into the instance.)

Once inside the instance (no longer rolling) you are free to do whatever you want. You can leave the instance, take a portal to another continent, harass the other faction's Shrine, etc. Just keep an eye on your timer because once those 10 minutes pass you will be ported right back to Kelari Featherfoot. Yes it works in combat, I have been having fun killing NPCs in the Horde Shrine near the end of my timer and getting ported safely out. You can also take a port to a city with an AH and then you will have a free port back to Vale without using your hearthstone. It also works while you are a ghost, so don't die on another continent :P

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