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Tuesday, October 29

Took the time to thoroughly explain Garrosh tactics in LFR. This made me all warm inside.

Last time i tried explaining something in lfr, all i got is "STFU There's no tactics in lfr" Those are usually the people who die immediately and then laugh about how it doesn't matter because they apparently save all their effort for ultra-super-heroics.

I recently got a tank to 90 and was tanking Lei Shen (well not really because the other tank wanted to show off and solo tank it) so I set up the markers and groups and one guy was like "You still do that in LFR?" I asked him if he trusted LFR enough to not do it and he said yeah. The group then wiped (not due to tanking). Then he complains that no one lusted. I got him back with a "You still lust in LFR?"

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