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Saturday, October 19

What I expected. What I got.

Chillingly accurate depiction of something I have felt before. mismatched gear wasn't nearly as bad in Northrend as it was in Outland though. People had spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours getting badass amazing gear that took crazy raids or pvp battlegrounds to get in the original game. Then when burning crusade came out you replaced them with piddly little greens (commonly found gear) that often looked like the stuff he was was a hard transition for the people who worked hard on their epics and legendary gear.

You literally went from slaying badass bosses in the first game, to doing quests involving searching through demon poop looking for keys. People can insult Blizzard however they like, but I still admire how much they make fun of the player base in ways like that. But by the time you were getting level 70 gear you started looking better like this and this, just that transition from 60 to 70 gear was ugly haha.

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