I'v been slacking for a while on ownedcore and now I wanted to share my little farm location.
Its the location that is the most profitable spot in my point of view.
Im currently farming while using Potions of Luck. Im using the cloth to make PVP gear and sells the greens/blues etc in the AH.
The ones I doesn't sell gets sended to another character to disenchant. I makes about 10k/hr whilst doing so.

This is a great spot for mobtagging/ Groupfarming with friends if you want to help them lvl.

There will allways be someone on this spot, the trick to make it your own is to crossrealm a friend of yours who is on a dead server.
The farming spot is

My currently setup is a balance druid spamming dots on the creatures im farming:

These mobs have low hp ~214K,fast respan and you can pull many of them.

One hour with the potion:

  • 90~ bolts
  • 50~ motes
  • 60~ ore
  • 20~ leather
  • 200g~
  • And a #hitload of greens ang blues

In order to get up to 10k/hr you need to have some luck aswell but that will come. Crafting is the way to success this mini-guide.

If you want to have a dead server, ask or post your battletag in the comments below in order to get the community growing with this farmspot.

Hope this help.

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