What you will ABSOLUTELY need: class with pet, druid with engineering goblin glider who can make a resto spec. If you have a priest you can symbiosis lifegrip and lifegrip the priest then they lifegrip the pet class. otherwise u cant get too far. 

I did this as a resto druid with a priest,warlock,warrior,hunter in the group which made it incredibly easy.
When you are in Zul'Farrak you will notice a bunch of mountains to the left of the instance portal, and if you take a left instead of a right when you get to the first 2 direction split, you can get on the mountains and you will notice that if u have goblin glider you can literally glide right over the top of the instance portal which leads you out into old tanaris. If you travel far enough in each direction the world ends and you cannot jump off but if u make it to gadgetzan you can climb the mountain to get into old thousand needles

You can climb almost any mountain (although slowly) using the following method: You have a warlock, priest, restodruid with symbiosis on priest. Have the warlock send his pet slightly up the mountain (about 20 yards) in a spot that you can stand on. You wild charge to the pet, lifegrip the priest, then lifegrip the warlock. ??? profit and repeat

When you make it past the mountains next to gadgetzan and you keep going you will find a big white radiator looking wall, if you follow that to the mountains you can use the following method to get up and explore more of the old thousand needles. I have to say though: getting back is a BITCH. We spent maybe 30 minutes trying to get back to gadgetzan and we used a hunter disengage, 2 seater mammoth, wildcharge, glider, lifegrip. it took all we had to get back to gadgetzan so make sure before you go to thousand needles you explore a bit

Disclaimer: When you are in old tanaris DO NOT GO INSIDE THE GAVE BY THE DROP TO THE SOUTH. you will get stuck behind a white wall and the only escape is getting a lifegrip.
sorry about the lack of screenshots and the horrible angle on the only one i did get but now on to ZG

When you get into ZG you walk down to the left where the waterfall is and the big purple bee. You can get very high up the mountain on foot and get behind a tree, use the pet>wildcharge>grip>grip method to get up the mountain and walk up a bit. Use levitate and jump in the direction of the portal. Once outside you go to the far left and use the method to climb the mountains and if you follow those you will find the signature cave next to the lake (that has no water in this instance) and you can keep going to find blasted lands and some other really cool shit

Sorry if its really vague if you have questions i'll try and answer them. I swear guys if you have a druid with engineering goblin glider and some willpower you can probably get out of any instance. I'm going to attempt to do some more this weekend and I'll repost the results

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