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Monday, November 18

Transmogrification: A wolf in sheep's clothing

The reason for this transmog is that the maker like to roleplay a bit in his head, if not actually do roleplaying while playing. I remember my first character, back in BC, was a warlock, and when I asked the city guard where the warlock trainer is, he told me that there were no warlocks in Stormwind, but still hinted at the right direction. This added an aura of forbidden fruit that planted the seeds for this transmog. I figured that warlocks wouldn't be held in high esteem in places like Stormwind among the paladins and priests and all the other goody-two-shoes on the straight and narrow, so I would have to hide it.

  • Head: Cowl of benevolence
  • Shoulder: Summer song shoulderwraps
  • Back: Stainless cloak of the pure hearted (my personal favorite. I expect I killed the pope to get this one)
  • Chest: Musk rose robes
  • Hands: Mangy claw mitts look best, but you can substitute Gloves of unfailing faith. I just thought they looked too bulky
  • Belt: Vestal's irrepresible girdle
Link to items:;58162;28765;58159;57560;77187

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