Here is a decent spot for leveling your char (85+) and leveling your battle pets also. Could be a nice money making also if you're leveling trade-able pets.

The place is:

And you´ll be fighting Eternal Striders: Eternal Strider - NPC - World of Warcraft

The other 2 pets that join the fight with Eternal Striders will mostly be aquatics, but occasionally glowflies(flying) will join the fight.

I suggest a Crow(Darkmoon Isle wild pet) or Gilnean Crow(Worgen class pet) or pretty much any decent pet with strong flying abilities, and a pet with strong magic abilities to take care of the glowflies if they join.

So your team would be like this:
  • Leveling pet
  • Strong flying pet
  • Strong magic pet/flying pet.
I've been using this place to level my battle pets, and recently used it to level my character. And I have to say it's pretty efficient. You'll get around 90k xp for each pet battle at 85 and the fight lasts around a minute at most. The best thing is you can start with level 1 pets there, cause most of the time the Eternal Strider start with a healing or field buff ability. So your leveling pet doesn't lose health. Then you can swap him out after the first round and finish the rest off.

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