I had a Mimiron's Head in my inventory.

It was mislooted to me by our then-GM, he had everyone in the raid assigned a number divided by the groups they were in (group 1 = 1-5, so on) and /rolled 1-25. It was intended to go to someone else, but he misread his group setup and selected me.

I knew he fucked up. It was a turning point in my life, a moment between choosing light or dark, good or evil. Do I maliciously learn the mount and feign ignorance, claiming I thought I was the real winner? Or do I reluctantly open trade with our admittedly bad, but cool, warlock?

I chose the path of the benevolent, I gave our dumpster DPS warlock a mount I've been fawning over for months and months and, now, years and years. At the time it was a 100% drop chance as long as you did Yogg on 0-keeper mode. We were surely going to continue doing Ulduar every week even with Trial of the Crusader was on its way, right?

That was our last 0-keeper Yogg kill as a guild.

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