Vanilla was a great album. It got them popular, and listening to it reminds people of that good time in their life.

The Burning Crusade was their best album. Their "OK Computer" or "Abbey Road." Everything clicked and there was a magic in the studio that made it more than the sum of its parts.

WoLK was a solid follow up album. By then, everyone had heard of them even if they joined late. The people who didn't listen to them until WoLK came out liked WoLK best because it was the first album they listened to. People got bored because there was a long break before their next album.

Cataclysm was "Unreleased B-Sides and Acoustic Covers of the hits." It wasn't bad, but some people were already bored with it after one listen.

Mists of Pandaria strayed from their roots as a heavy rock band, venturing more into chill jam-band territory. It actually worked. This album has great songs. We mostly enjoy the change of pace, but now many fans are longing for the return of that heavy sound.

Warlords of Draenor hasn't come out yet. But the single they released seems to signal a return to the heavier sound they had in Burning Crusade. Almost like they said "TBC was our best album, let's try to get back in that head space again." The thing they can't control is whether or not the magic that made TBC better than the sum of its parts will return as well.

One final thing. Fans always fight about which album was the best.

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