I recently started to do Pet Battles again for the Celestial Tournament and made up a list with only 11 pets for all fights, Pandaren Tamers and Pandaren Spirits!
My route is:
-> 001 Aki
-> 002 Thundering Pandaren Spirit
-> 003 Courageous Yon
-> 004 Burning Pandaren Spirit - BACKLINE DAMAGE!
-> 005 Zusshi - BACKLINE DAMAGE!
-> 006 Wastewalker Shu
-> 007 Flowing Pandaren Spirit - BACKLINE DAMAGE!
-> 008 Mo'ruk
-> 009 Nishi - Minor Backline Damage!
-> 010 Hyuna
-> 011 Whispering Pandaren Spirit

Use Ctrl+F and type in the number to get to the specific guides!

Pets needed:
  1. Anubisath Idol
  2. /3. 2xCrab with Shell Shield, Surge, Renewing Mists (Crab1) (Crab2)
  3. Darkmoon-Tonk
  4. Darkmoon-Zeppelin
  5. Crow
  6. Chrominius
  7. Sea Pony (uncommon works)
  8. Luyu Moth
  9. Emerald Proto-Whelp
  10. Rapana Whelk

Be careful at backline damage fights. Use a pet Level 10-15+ on these fights, especially for the Flowing Pandaren Spirit.
Maybe I'm making a videoguide to each fight too later. Right now I don't have the time.

001. Aki - Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Pets needed: Anubisath Idol 1,1,1 / Crow 2,2,2 / Carry Pet - Link
Start with Sandstorm
-> Switch to Carry Pet
-> Switch back to Anubisath
Crush until Chirrup is down
Save your Sandstorm to counter his Call Lightning
Otherwise just Crush until Stormlash is down
Sandstorm on CD
Deflect when he uses Dive
Otherwise Crush

If Anubisath dies due to RNG, switch in your Crow or a Luyu Moth to take down Whiskers.

002. Thundering Pandaren Spirit - Vale of the Eternal Blossoms
Pets needed: Rapana Whelk 1,1,1 / Darkmoon-Zeppelin 1,2,2 / Carry Pet - Link
Thundering Pandaren Spirit:
Dive - if Dive misses, start the fight again!
Acidic Goo
Ooze Touch until the Spirit is dead
Acidic Goo
Ooze Touch until your Rapana Whelk dies
-> Switch in your Darkmoon Zeppelin
Missle until Sludgy is dead
Darnak the Tunneler:
Missle until Darnak is below 618 Health

Only your Carry Pet survives and gets all the XP without taking part!

003. Courageous Yon - Kun'Lai Summit
Pets needed: Emerald Proto Whelp 2,2,1 / Darkmoon-Tonk 1,1,2 / Carry Pet - Link
Emerald Bite
Emerald Presence
Emerald Bite until Piqua is dead
Emerald Presence
Bite until Lapin is dead
Proto-Strike if ready
Otherwise bite until Emerald Proto Whelp is dead
(If your Whelp is surviving long enough to kill Bleat, just pass until your Whelp is dead.
-> Switch to Carry Pet
-> Switch to Darkmoon-Tonk
Shock and Awe
Ion Cannon

004. Burning Pandaren Spirit - Townlong Steppes
Pets needed: Anubisath Idol - 1,1,1 / Emerald Proto-Whelp 2,2,1 / Carry Pet - Link
Deflect (for his Fly ability)
Crush until Crimson is dead
Pandaren Fire Spirit:
Deflect immediately
Keep Sandstorm up
Deflect as soon as it is ready
Otherwise Crush until Anubisath or the Spirit is dead
If Sandstorm is still active, switch in your Carry Pet, it should take no damage from the DoT
If Sandstorm is not active and Anubisath is dead, Switch your Carry Pet in when Glowy casts Swarm
-> Switch back to your Anubisath/Emerald Proto-Whelp and keep Sandstorm/Emerald Presence up and kill Glowy

005. Seeker Zusshi - Townlong Steppes
Pets needed: Any Crab with Surge/Renewing Mists/Shell Shield 2x / Carry Pet - Link
Keep Shell Shield up all time
Keep Renewing Mists up all time
Otherwise Surge until Diamond is dead
You should have about 60-70% life here
Keep Shell Shield up
Keep Renewing Mists up
Otherwise Surge
Always cast Shield/Mists when Mollus uses Dive
Keep Shell Shield up
Keep Renewing Mists up
Otherwise Surge
If Skimmer is about to die and Crab 1 is still alive, cast Renewing Mists until Crab 1 is dead
-> Switch to Carry Pet
-> Switch to Crab 2
Keep Shell Shield up
Keep Renewing Mists up
Otherwise Surge

006. Wastewalker Shu - Dread Wastes
Pets needed: Luyu Moth 2,1,2 / Rapana Whelk 1,1,1 / Carry Pet - Link
Moth Dust
Alpha Strike
Alpha Strike
Cocoon Strike (Always when Whirlpool is at 1 round left)
Mothdust on CD, otherwise Alphastrike
Cocoon Strike when ready
Moth Dust when ready
Otheriwse Alphastrike until Moth is dead
-> Switch to Carry Pet
-> Switch to Rapana Whelk
Ooze Touch until pounder is dead
Acidic Goo
Ooze Touch
Dive on CD
Here I had to switch in my level 19 Pet and do a last hit to Multilator because my Whelk died. I recommend a Level 15+ Carry Pet!

007. Flowing Pandaren Spirit - Dread Wastes
Pets needed: Crow 2,2,2 / Anubisath Idol 1,1,1 / Carry Pet - Link
Call Darkness
Nocturnal Strike
Alpha Strike until Marley is dead
Nocturnal Strike and Call Darkness on CD
Otherwise Alpha Strike until Crow or Tiptoe is dead
If Crow dies first switch to Anubisath and Sandstorm
Pandaren Water Spirit:
As soon as the Pandaren Water Spirit comes out, switch to your Carry Pet!
-> Switch to Anubisath
Deflect when Whirlpool and Geyser are at 1 round left
Sandstorm on CD
Otherwise Crush
Later in the Fight Geyser and Whirlpool don't go off at the same time. Use deflect at Geyser, the stun would be your death.

008. Mo'ruk - Krasarang Wilds
Pets needed: Darkmoon-Zeppelin 1,2,2 / Chrominius - 1,1,2 / Carry Pet - Link
Missle until Woodcarver is dead
-> Switch to Chrominius
Surge of Power
Bite until Chrominius is dead. Most of the time you die before you can Bite!
-> Switch in Darkmoon-Zeppelin
Decoy at 1 round CD on Headbutt
Missle until Needleback is under 618 Health

Your Carry Pet is the only living pet in your team and gets all the XP!

009. Farmer Nishi - Valley of the Four Winds
Pets needed: Sea Pony 1,2,2 / Crab 2,1,1 / Carry Pet - Link
Cleansing Rain
Waterr Jet
Cleansing Rain
Water Jet - misses
Water Jet until Sea Pony dies
If your Pony survives Toothbreaker, continue at Brood of Mothallus
-> Switch to Carry
-> Switch to Crab
Brood of Mothallus:
If Pony can kill Toothbreaker, just Water Jet until your Pony dies
-> Switch to Carry
-> Switch to Crab
Keep Shell Shield up all time
Keep Renewing Mists up all time

010. Hyuna of the Shrines - Jade Forest
Pets needed: Emerald Proto-Whelp 2,2,1 / Luyumotte 2,1,2 - Link
Emerald Presence
Emerald Bite
Emerald Bite
Emerald Presence
Emerald Bite
Emerald Bite
Emerald Bite until Proto-Whelp is dead
-> Switch to Carry Pet
-> Switch to Luyu Moth
Alpha Strike until Fangor is dead
Dor the Wall:
Cocoon Strike as soon as the Headbut CD is gone
Moth Dust on CD
Otherwise use Alpha Strike

011. Whispering Pandaren Spirit - Jade Forest
Pets needed: Emerald Proto-Whelp 2,2,2 / Chrominius 1,1,2 - Link
Emerald Bite
Emerald Presence
Emerald Bite until ~ 50% of Health
Emerald Dream
Keep Emerald Presence up
Emerald Bite
Emerald Dream at < br="">Keep Emerald Presence up
Emerald Bite
If Emerald Proto-Whelp dies, switch to Chrominius and Bite until Whispertail is dead
Pandaren Air Spirit:
->Switch to Carry Pet
-> Switch to Chrominius
Bite until the Spirit is at ~1,1k Life
Surge of Power
Spirit should be dead now

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