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Wednesday, December 18

RP server are some times... WTF

I know People who post that sort of thing aren't generally RPers, they're the trolls and griefers that RP servers attract (because ruining other peoples' fun is how they enjoy themselves).

My one visit to Moonguard... someone was asking around to RP the human centipede in the basement of the Lion's Pride Inn. It went on for like 2 hours and the centipede was probably about 20 people long. So I think they can carry out to some extent. ._.

As far as I can tell a srs RP person's definition of trolling is "advertising any kind of RP they don't approve of or using /say near their events."

Like the time me and my ex did "couple lost on a road trip" RP in his Mechanohogg and some weird probably-lore-breaking RP group on the same road freaked the fuck out and cussed us out. Uh.

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