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Monday, December 9

Skip all Siegecrafter trash

This applies to LFR/Flex 4 as well as normal. I think Alliance get to skip this trash already.

This first part is fairly widely known now, but if you have your raid rush down War Master Kragg then click the door to Siegecrafter, everything except the shredder cannons will despawn. One person can then be clearing those away while you do the next room.

To skip the waves of bullshit in front of Siegecrafter himself, send someone with a soulstone or shaman with reincarnation into the pitfall killzone next to the pipes everything comes out of. Your corpse will appear in the middle of the bosses platform. Pop up, smack the boss, and he'll deathgrip/wipe the raid and reset with everyone on the platform and the trash will not aggro. You might need a cauterize+block+invis or cheat death+vanish to be able to mass res, though some of us just randomly survived it.

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