Before this video I had an addon that ran console commands to quickly toggle between 'ultra', 'higher than ultra', and 'low', 'lower than low'. I did that so I could compare cvar values to make sure I wasn't setting them beyond their maximum value (if you set set environmentdetail to 250 it ends up being treated as 150 because that's the maximum value, if you set farclip 10, it'll be treated as 250 because that's the minimum).

/console farclip 1600
/console horizonFarclipScale 6
/console skycloudlod 3
/console waterDetail 3
/console reflectionMode 3
/console rippleDetail 2
/console shadowmode 3
/console shadowtexturesize 2048
/console particleDensity 100
/console environmentDetail 150
/console groundEffectDensity 256
/console groundEffectDist 600
/console groundEffectFade 1277
/console spellEffectLevel 200
/console ffxGlow 1
/console ffxspecial 1
/console ffxnetherworld 1
/console ffxDeath 1
/console sunshafts 2
/console textureFilteringMode 5
/console componentTextureLevel 0
/console terrainMipLevel 0
/console ssao 2
/console ssaoblur 2
/console weatherDensity 3
/console gxmultiesample 8
/console violencelevel 5
/console spelleffectlevel 150

** I didn't mention horizonfarclipscale because I hand't managed to verify that 5 (ultra's default) and 6 (one higher) actually made a difference. I found out later on doing some testing in Eastern Plague lands that it does work -- you'll see silhouette "mountains" further in the distance. It's not very noticeable and I honestly can't say it looks better (it's different, not better).

As for going lower than the minimum: if you drag your settings to low then the only thing you can do to get worse graphics than that is:
/console ffxGlow 0
/console ffxspecial 0
/console ffxnetherworld 0
/console ffxDeath 0
/console spelleffectlevel 3
On my crappiest computer those changes didn't even get me 1 FPS so I don't think it's worth doing (you can set spelleffect level to 0 but then AOE effects become invisible). One more trick you can try is to resize your viewport to be "less wide". Doing that actually got me 3 FPS (which was a 10% increase on that computer)

/run WorldFrame:SetUserPlaced(false) WorldFrame:ClearAllPoints() WorldFrame:SetPoint("TOPLEFT",250,0) WorldFrame:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT",00,0)

Doing that will give you some blank space on the left side of your screen (use it for your raid frames, unit frames, boss mods, etc?) making the view port more square/less wide. What matters is the aspect ratio: more narrow = higher FPS, more wide = lower FPS.

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