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Sunday, December 15

Transmogrification: [Leather] Druid X-mog

I like it. And I don't think this often of the x-mogs I browse over.
I'm no authority on the matter but to my eye the look fits the race, the class and the armor type to a T. Well done.
  • Head: Netherstorm Patch
  • Shoulders: Shoulderpads of Assassination
  • Chest: Hardened Tongue Tunic
  • Legs: Evicerator's Legguards
  • Hands: Smooching Gloves
  • Belt: Holdfast Belt
  • Boots: Maloof's Spare Boots
  • Weapon: Bleak Scythe

From the creator: 
The quests are cake lvl 90 in thousand needles for 2 pieces I wanted (gloves + boots), well 3 if I swap the eye patch for Darkcloud mask, the LW pattern pants a guildie had, it's old school. The weapon was found on the AH I could foresee that being hard if it's not posted there. The eyepatch was a 2 min quest in Netherstorm, and the chest is a quick quest in halls of lightning. Shoulders were Talon King Ikiss in Sethekk Halls. There's other ways to obtain the pants and chest too, that was the easiest route for me.

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