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Tuesday, January 14

Check out this cool infographic Razer made of their WoW survey.

I feel they left out a big chunk of guilds when they didn't include just regular progression guilds...makes me think no one there actually plays.

It is like they think you're either a super serious raider or you're just some casual schmoe. My guild is a progression guild, but we're not all. But we are also not a casual or question all. Our guild is made up of mainly just the raiders and their alts...but we're not making people mix/max or anything like that. We're just a progression guild.This irks me they didn't include it.

I don't like that only 23% prefers pvp. it clearly signals that something is wrong with pvp at the moment.

Remember of course this survey will be biased in multiple ways - most notably in that players who invest in razer products are more likely to be on the hardcore end of the spectrum rather than super casual. Additionally, people who have the disposable income for razer products -more likely young single people than kids or older people with families -would be more represented.

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