Saturday, January 18

Darkmoon Goodies, the easy way.

So, do you hate the fact that there's a limit to how many Darkmoon Faire tickets you can get per month? Sites like Icy Veins say the most you can get in a month is 145.

What if I told you that's false? What if I told you there's a way you can get that many in the first day, and still keep getting at least 60 per day for the rest of the week?

Here's how
1) Complete the Test of Strength quest (250 Grisly Trophies) for 10 Tickets
2) Complete all of the Profession quests for a total of 20 Tickets
3) Turn in all of the artifacts (Buy them on AH if you can't farm them before next Faire) for a total of 80 Tickets
4) Complete the 5 Daily quests for a total of 5 Tickets
This is all obvious. At the end of the first day, by doing the normal quests you should have 115 Tickets.

Now, Sites like Icy Veins get their 145 Tickets total from 6 more days of the Dailies at 5 Tickets per day. My fifth step changes all of that.

5) Complete the Daily quests with 11 more characters on your server but DO NOT OPEN THE REWARD BOXES.
6) Mail them to the character with 115 Tickets (That's right. Mail them. They're NOT SOULBOUND.)
7) Open the boxes and enjoy 55 Tickets bringing you to a total of 170 Tickets on the first day.
8) Repeat Steps 5-7 for 6 more days. Don't forget the dailies on the one you're mailing them to!
9) Enjoy 360 Tickets extra.

That's a total of 530 Tickets per Darkmoon Faire.

I'd say that's a little bit more than the 145 Tickets that sites like Icy Veins claim in their guides.

I hope you guys enjoy this guide,as much as I enjoyed this discovery. I've completely pimped out alts with every single PvE heirloom that would normally cost 2075+ JP, and now YOU CAN TOO!

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