Thursday, January 9

Extra Lesser Charms and possibly more!

I was in desperate need of some Lesser Charms on my alt, so I traveled to Timeless Isle to kill some rares, and such to gather some. I noticed a mob of people 10+ killing a rare, and so i jumped right in and helped. Upon looting , the loot box popped up and it dropped various items. one key thing to mention is it dropped 6 lesser charms, along with other crap. When I checked my total lesser charms in my toon menu to see if i was close to 50 yet, i noticed i had many more then 50. so i opened my log box and I checked and noticed i received more then what the loot box actually said i got. (the boss loot said 6 but i recieved two seperate amounts. Lesser charms x 6 AND Lesser charms x54 !!) I did it again and again to ensure the steps I took before posting on this site. I was originally on my WW monk, but switched to my main and it worked again. So thats is how i confirmed it.

  1. Ensure multiple people are killing the rare ( I was NOT in a party or raid at the time of the kills)
  2. Kill rare as normal.
  3. Do not auto loot or shift click, just simply right click as you were to loot normally.
  4. Spam Right click, on the lesser charms IF SOME DROPPED. Fast fast fast click your heart out.
  5. If the loot says (object busy) that means its working (this is the reason you need many people killing and looting the same rare).
  6. Check to see if it worked.
I also uploaded image proof, but I am unable to post during kill and inital looting as its a very fast process, I hope this is valid enough.

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