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Wednesday, January 1

How to remain cross realmed to another server without a group.

Today I telling you how to remain on another server without being in a group, however you are required to group up prior to doing this.

Step one
Download Peerblock

Step two
Get someone to invite you to the server you wish to be on.

Step three
Open CMD and type netstat -n | find ":3724"

you will get 2-4 Ip addresses these belong to Blizzard's servers.
For example
TCP 321.654.987.110:3724 ESTABLISHED
TCP 123.456.789.101:3724 ESTABLISHED

Only ESTABLISHED IPs are relevant and they need to have 3724 at the end.

Your server' IP will always be the one on top so in this case my server is 321.654.987.110 and the server I am on is 123.456.789.101

You are going to want to use the IP belonging to your server, in this case it is 321.654.987.110.

Step 4
Open Peerblock, the program you just installed,
Click List Manager > Create list then give it a name (description) I called mine WoW for example, you can call this anything it does not matter.

Then click Browse and find a location you wish to save it to, I just saved it in My Documents, make sure you give a file name or it wont save, I once again called it WoW.

Press Ok and you will get a new box click add, a box will then appear, you want to put your servers IP into that box, in this case mine was 321.654.987.110, then click the white space under starting Ip and paste the same IP there, and once again for ending IP

Now for the starting IP you want to change the numbers in the last .xxx in the address, click the original numbers in starting ip and erase them and type 1.

Now click the ending ip and change the last .xxx to 250 and click save

Close list manager and then in peerblock click Enable now leave the group you are in, instead of zoning back to your server you will get this message "Transfer aborted: Instance not found"

aslong as peerblock is enabled you will remain on that server, however if you do this in Pandaria you will only be able to stay in Pandaria, same for Outland, Northrend, Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, if you wish to move to them zones you will have to rejoin a group and disable peerblock to portal to them zones, once you are there you can re-enable peerblock and leave your group again and you will remain on that server.

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