Thursday, January 2

Improved poster for Disney's latest movie

It actually reminded me a lot of WotLK while watching it...

In fact, it made me think "Why can't Blizzard tell stories this well". A lot of storytelling in World of Warcraft is honestly awful. Including WotLK, which people like to put on a pedestal. Don't get me wrong, Arthas is a great character, but largely because of story that was told outside of WoW.

Have you guys watched Frozen? That movie is delightful and the music is breathtaking. The one thing that really bugged me about the movie is that the villain should have won. (SPOILERS FOR FROZEN AHEAD)

Hans won. Elsa was outed as a sorceress, Anna publicly named him heir to the throne of Earendale and was about to die. All he needed to do was kiss the damn girl and act horrified when it didn't work, keeping her occupied until she froze. Then Elsa could have been dealt with at leisure and Hans would have been king. Instead, he gives the villainous monologue and leaves Anna alone, losing everything. And the monologue made no sense from the perspective of the character. Hans had to be extremely clever, manipulative, and ruthless to get as far as he did in the plot. He had to have seen the risks of monologing and the lack of benefits. It feels like they forced that solely to make sure the villain loses because disney.

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