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Wednesday, January 29

Monk levelling tip

This is merely a very useful tip that I personally feel very stupid for not having thought of before now that I'm already busy levelling my second monk.

As we all know, monks can go do a daily once a day and this daily gives them the stacking 1-hour buff Enlightenment, which increases their exp gained by 50% (and 20% above lvl 85). The handy part is that this buff stacks up to 24 hours. Therefore, if you ever consider levelling a monk, I can highly recommend starting it up now, get it to level 10 and then do the daily once a day for the next 24 days. Once you finally decide that it's time to level it up, it'll have 24 hours of increased experience, which is basically enough to get it to lvl 90 if you keep doing the daily and the quest every 10 levels.

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