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Monday, January 20

New playable race in Warlords of Draenor - Oozes (proof inside)

I'll roll as Guillermo, a slime-rogue from a faraway kingdom where the people have strange customs and no love in their eyes.


The Ooze capital city. Located in Oozeland, the starting area of the Oozes.

Sir Oozealot

Ooze faction leader

Ooze Warrior

Ooze Warrior with tier 6 Onslaught armor and Gorehowl


Osmosis - Passive: passively regenerate 1% HP every two seconds while in motion.
Diffusion - Talent: Instant - instantly diffuse into a large puddle lasting 1 second causing the next melee attack to miss and the next damaging spell to be reflected. Melee attackers within range lose 2% hit or expertise for 3 seconds. Reflected spells have a 10% chance to critically hit stacking critical effect upon existing critical spell effect.
Fluidity - passive: You suffer 5% less critical effect from spells and melee weapons.

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