Selling Powerlevels and Farming Krasarang Wilds by Spazzer

Note: There are already several detailed guides about Krasarang Wilds Farming and Power Levelling. However, with that being said this is what you should actually be doing to maximize profits. While this exploit is still active I want to share with you what I am doing to maximize profits. I have personally accumulated over 480000g from doing the below farming/selling methods.

Location in Krasarang Wilds:

What you will be farming and where you will be selling Power Levelling:
The following mobs will be your main focus at Anglers Expedition (Coordinates: 63,40). While under the affect of Potion of Luck all the mobs (Except Elder Viseclaw) will drop Plundered Treasure which is your main reason for farming this location. The high spawn rate of these mobs make them one of the most profitable farming locations, while under this affect of Potion of Luck. The experience at this location for 85-90 characters (does not scale) is around 6000-12000xp (non rested) which is dependent on the number of characters in the party. The Elder Viseclaw should be killed every time it spawns as it provides the highest amount of experience at 44800xp. (Spawn Point: 59.8, 41.2)

What you are going to need is as follows:

  • Geared Level 90 with AoE capabilities. (Mage/Balance Druid Recommended)
  • Potion of Luck (Required: 20 Minute DR)
  • Bag Space (Required: 'Obvious') (Bonus: Tailoring for Windwool Bolts - Saves Space)
  • Battle Standard of Coordination (Required for Power Levelling +15% Experience)
  • Vender Mount (Recommended)
  • Mail Box/Jeaves/Guild Bank (Fast Storage) (Recommended)

Loot you will receive while farming:

  • Epic, Rares, Greens Items (Keep for Auction House/Disenchants/Transmog)
  • Mote of Harmony (Keep for Vender Purchases/Professions)
  • Windwool Cloth (Keep for Auction House/Craft into Bolts)
  • Plundered Treasure (From Potion of Luck) Note: Main Reason You Are Farming


  • Grey Items
  • Food/Water

When doing the farming it is important to always have people buying power levelling. I usually fill a party group with 2-4 buyers who pay on average 5000g-10000g per Level. It is important to explain that all loot is reserved and loot will be on FFA (Free For All). You should encourage the people buying the power levelling that they loot their Lesser Charm of Good Fortune ONLY! in preparation for level 90 (key selling point).Always inform the buyers of the rules prior to starting the power levelling so everyone is clear what is happening and when.

Key Selling Points:
1. 85-90 Power Levelling (15-25 per Level Rested)
2. Lesser Charm of Good Fortune
3. Shared Gold Loot: 850-1250g per Person.

1. Payment Upfront (No Exceptions: Renewed Every Level)
2. No Looting (Exception: Lesser Charm of Good Fortune)

Advertise as followed:
WTS 85-90 Power Levelling in Krasarang Wilds. 10000g per Level 15-25 Minutes per Level. Besides having a good time and fast levelling you will receive Lesser Charms in preparation for Level 90. (Warfordge Seals.) PST For More Information!

Note: The experience boosting time might vary depending on how fast you can farm the mobs. The longer you spend farming the faster you will get and you will understand how the spawn locations work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Question: My server is over populated and/or PvP which makes farming difficult, what can I do to fix this?
Answer: Get someone to phase you onto another PvE Servers. Problem Solved.

Question: Do you sell power levelling cross realm and if so how do you take payments?
Answer Yes, I sell power levelling cross realm all the time. I take payments either Paypal or Gold. If the person does not have gold on your characters server you can either make a character on their realm and take gold payment or have them transfer over a Battle Pet. The payment by Battle Pet can be done two ways: 1) They sell the Battle Pet - Give You Gold or 2) They give you Battle Pet via Trade (The characters have to be on same realm).

Everything else is common sense. I hope this has somewhat helped people increase their profits and enjoyment of farming. I personally get really bored while farming so introducing 2-4 buyers makes things very interesting on a social aspect.

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