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Tuesday, March 11

Basically sums up Timeless Isle today...

I hate the free 90 argument. I have a bunch of 90s I've leveled up myself. Its been a while, I don't even remember how to play them. If I got on one right now, you'd think I boosted it. Ive only mastered my main, and I have 2 alts where I only play one spec.

So who cares if you buy one or not. If you don't play it on the regular youll forget anyway even if you leveled it from square one.

I like that blizz realizes that leveling is just a time sink. It's not hard in any way and doesn't help you at 90.(Leveling rotation vs actually having all your spells).

I don't plan on buying more but it's a great option for friends and I in the future.

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