Discovered this last reset when farming warglaives on my rogue.

After realm resets, be one of the very first people to log in. Enter your raid and open your atlasloot(Clear your cache aswell).

Mouseover the loots, if you can link them, it means that the bosses inside your raid, spawned with that loot table.


  1. Be the first to login after realm restarts/reset/shutdown
  2. Be camped outside the instance where your loot is.
  3. As soon as u can login, go inside
  4. open atlasloot, mouseover your drops.
  5. Is the loot linkable? - yes - then the boss will drop your loot.
  6. if its not link-able go outside and reset your dungeon.
  7. Repeat step 4-5½.
  8. Enjoy

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