Tuesday, March 4

Embersilk Cloth + extra gold farm (endless, phased)

Hey guys, watched an Embersilk Cloth farming guide, and here's the results I was able to yield from using it!

To view the guide, there is an annotation in the bottom right-hand corner at the beginning of the video!

*HD (720p) + Fullscreen highly recommended for the fullest quality*

A video demonstrating this zone is NOT NERFED as many people seem to be claiming!

The video guide:

A video demonstrating this zone is NOT NERFED as many people seem to be claiming!

You must not have completed the Twilight Highlands zone to use this.
This takes placed in a PHASED zone after questing up to "Patchwork's Command" in the Vermillion Redoubt in Twilight Highlands.

Slight preview of what to expect from the video:

This video covers the profits from FIFTY MINUTES of farming this zone with Tailoring + Potion of Treasure Finding (Cataclysm PoL)

*I recommend having 400+ tailoring
*I recommend having Northern Cloth Scavenging (works on Cata and MoP mobs, contrary to some belief)
*I recommend bringing a Potion of Treasure Finding or two along with you to maximize your profit

The zone you'll be farming is right around this location on the map below:

You will need to do the full starting quest chain from Twilight Highlands and the full Iso'roth quest chain, as well.
Do the starter quests in Vermillion Redoubt until you come upon one of the two quests here:

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