After meeting two other people from Trokair's spectacular new thread where people can get btags for collaboration, and introducing them to a friend and I--The four of us decided to head out to multiple dungeons, and scour them over the course of hours in order to try and find a way to escape their boundaries. While in the Gate of the Setting Sun, we found a new way to escape.

Note, Blizzard installed a kill wall around the entire outside of this dungeon, which was discovered to be relatively unavoidable in the time we were present. But there is a gap in the Southern portion which lets you get into the Dread Wastes.

As well, please give credit to both CrowleyAshens and Phocito as much as you do to me, seeing as they both have accounts here and helped with the exploration through teamwork. GJ to everyone who helped.

The following imgur album shows how to use a sandbox tiger to escape the boundaries. Note the dead body in the last picture, on the ground, helping demonstrate the improved killwall Blizzard installed.

Setting Sun Exploration 1:

If you hug the wall after jumping down on the southern side of things, you might find a way through a wall that lets you get to this area, where you may continue exploration safe out of the way of the killzone.

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