Just to point out; this requires patience and sometimes weeks even months of beeing "boring bug".

Let me elaborate how I freed up name Nox on most high populated realms like Sylvanas, Ravencrest etc.

Ok, first we go and do some research;
I'll go with example of name NOX, and how I freed it up on some high pop realms.

(tooked me couple months):

- Armory search showed name Nox was taken by inactive lvl 56 DK.

- Put in first ticket with similar text to this;

I'm interested in obtaining my name Nox for my little shaddow goddess (this is not needed but a bit of cheezzines is bonus), I researched a bit and that name is taken by inactive lvl 56 DK. Please can you assist with it, since I really want to get my original name, and I'm familiar with it that you can free up names from inactive accounts if necessary (yes they can, I got this name from TBC priest on high pop realm that was inactive for 3 years), so please if its possible can you help me to be complete once again.

Sincerelly, **** aka Nox

*take in mind that this will be more succesfull if you have similar name and you just want to change it to "normall" one; like Imperatoor > Imperator. So in a time you will probably get negative generic response. Put in another ticket, be polite and add in ticket that you are long time customer (for ages now) and that you really want to get that name. (I even managed to get name changed by gm ingame for free and I used my old name on my hunter now).

You need to come to point where GM will talk to you directly. This is most important part. You need to have some social and writting skills to make sure you do the job correctly. Be kind, don't fool around, be direct about how are you waiting for years to get name from some inactive character. You need to get at this point info where GM will confirm that they can free up name, and he will probably say to you that account isn't inactive long enough to free it just now.

If you are good enough in beeing cheezzy about how you cry alot since you can't be complete with yours long lost name, ask in lines (don't be so direct) in how long time you should enquiry again about name. Don't ask for direct date, just ask about roughly when can it be possible.

After this it's waiting time, in a month/week, depends of previous steps you put in another ticket where you explain how you did talked before with GM and repeat all stuff from previous steps and ask once again can they finally free up your name.

If account is really inactive you will get your name soon enough. And if you were nice enough. Don't bail if you get some hard GM, repeat process.

For example I got name **** on Sylvanas by putting in ticket something like this;


I'm interested in obtaining my name **** on this realm, since I'm transferring my priest here I really want to have my original name. My research showed that my name is taken by lvl 70 inactive account, can you assist with this. I'm long time customer and I'm playing this game for a long time, and if I can't get my name I really won't transfer and race change, since I'm used to my name and I couldn't handle beeing under another tag. So if its possible and you can be kind enough to do me this favour I would be soo happy.

**** aka ****

* You are playing on card of beeing customer that wants to spend $ and Blizz loves $. Its your ultimate card.

* And most important, this is mostly possible when name is on inactive account. Altho I once freed up name that was taken by active account, but thats story for another post.

I used dummy name at start of post, and **** are putted instead real names. Hope this post will add something to community, and i hope its not against rules to post guides that include GM since everything is legal that i've done. Nothing against ToS or any law.

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