In the intermission phases of the Garrosh Hellscream encounter, soaking the Annihilates grants a ****ton of vengeance. Doing so is fairly straight forward (using personal & optionally external cooldowns).

That said, this exploits involves a few diffrent mechanics which messes up the damage taken calculations of the game which in it's turn grants alot more vengeance than you're supposed to get.

Required for this is about 573 item level, including AT LEAST one stamina trinket. You'll die without externals if you don't have this gear (without using any externals)

1. Grab the talent Diffuse Magic & Glyph Zen Med.
2.... Find a guild that kills / progresses Garrosh heroic.
3. As you enter the annihilation spam part of the intermission, just as the first annihilate hits the floor(before the big AoE smash animation) pop Diffuse Magic. The timing is extremely important as you want to activate it more or less 0,1 seconds before the annihilate hits you. This makes the game believe that you take a ton of damage (which would usually kill you) however, as you activate Diffuse Magic (90% magic reduction) just before/at the same time as the hit happens, you won't die and get alot of vengeance beacuse of the game calculations bugging out.

This itself won't cap you, however as mentioned it'll give you alot more vengeance than usual (upwards of 8-900k) you'll have to continue soaking every annihilate or it'll drop before you get out.

This isn't a huge exploit in itself, but combined with the Xuen talent you'll help your raid out quite abit with the DPS requirement.

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