1. Items, quest and and requirements,

"start" The Wolf and the Kodo quest, obtained just to the south-west of the orgimmar gate. Talk to Shin Stonepillar.

When you talk to him you'll see the phrase "!Can you tell me your fable, Shin!".. When you press this it will transfer you into a Wolf but that is not what you want, not yet.

To do this trick you will need a darkmoon tiger OR a two passanger mount, but that will require som off-hand assistance from a friend.

2. Start off by putting the darkmoon tiger next to Shin Stonepillar or have your "friend" standing with his his two passanger mount next to the entrance of the house,

NOW talk to Shin Stonepillar and press the !"can you tell me you fable thing"! BUT this this time you will press the Darkmoon Tiger or 2 seat mount asap, but don't forget to hit the option before doing so..

if you succed, you will see the text.. "ONE day, the wolf was very hungry, so he ran east to look for some food" , But this time without "you" turning into a WOLF.

Some Advantages...

*Invisibility, can't be seen by others.

*You can't get hitted by mobs nor players.

*Attacks done to other players, Alliance, does the same amount of dmg without any bugs.

*The only thing that can hurt you is AOE dmg from players.

Some Disadvantages...

*Since players can't see you, you can't request a duel except you invititing them to party..that will solve it. Take in mind that if the duel is canceled after
it has started you will still being able to attack the opponent but not clockwise Invisibility pwnage.

* Leaving Durotar, logout or entering Orgrimmar WILL cancel the effect.

Starting Area:

Quest giver:

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