What is camel hoarder? A FoS, gives you a title the camel hoarder and a camel mount

Where In uldum, you find these small statues

So whats the easy way? Playing on a realm where its not a part of the cross realm servers, my realm currently isnt and havn't been for around 2 weeks, this means that any level charecter from another realm can invite you and you get phased to the low levels realm. A level 1 could phase 4 level 90s just by invinting you if you're playing on this realm (playing on Aggramar EU for the record)

Alternative methods (if you wont bother boosting a 90 on a broken realm or transfer a char)
There's a few ways of hopping realm, theres the IP blocking as Piju mentioned, you can do it with Oque, or you can xfer or boost a char to 90 on my realm or any realm like it, which is bugged and therefore not on the cross realm servers. Both of these methods require alot more time, as you are mostly likely hopping to the same high populated realms with oque, and the IP one is such a hassle (which is the reason why I came up with this)

How to farm it effectively: Get the addon npcscan and npcscan overlay, the addon will notify you when theres a camel figurine nearby, and the npcscan overlay simply adds all the spawn locations to the map, so its easier to make a route where you fly past all the spawns.

Theres 2 statues on a different creature ID, but because they share spawn timer you want to find both, once you have found either of them go to World of warcraft folder -> Cache -> WDB -> enGB and delete all the files there, this resets your creature cache and allows the addon to search for it again.(it will instantly be found if you're standing near the old one, just hop out of your current realm as there wont come one for another 6+ hours.)
The statues are very small and they can be quite frustrating to find once your npcscan goes off, they wont always be in the area marked by npcscan

Important To track the statues you need to add them yourself to npcscan, to do this you open up npcscan ingame and type in like ive shown here: http://i.imgur.com/pzzHuXF.jpg. Do this with both ID's. After having typed it all in hit the + so its added.

Realm hopping: This applies to realm hopping everything really, PVP servers and normal servers are never crossrealm'ed together, rppvp servers are never either. Meaning if you jump between these 3 types, you wont happen to stumble upon a server group you've already been on. I did it on the german, italian and french realms which gave me roughly 10 different server ids, and I found it on the very last italian realm before I would have started on the eu realms. If someone has a list of what realms are merged into groups this would be very nice for this ^^

What to do once you find the rigt one which teleports you You now have 20 mintues to go crazy and help/sell the mount to as many as you want. In order to do this the person you want to give it to has to be somewhere nearby your char even though you're phased. You just kill the camel hoarder and the mount can be traded. Once again being on a non-crossrealm realm is good since a dk on any realm would be able to inv you and as many people you want to another realm, and you can keep killing it over and over. Also you can be invited by lower levels to jump to their realm and kill it there.

  1. Play broken realm with no crossrealm
  2. Make dks on different realm groups to inv over (level 1 works too, but dk can instant log out)
  3. Once camel figurine is found clear cache no matter which(if you get ported wait till after ofc)
  4. Give / sell as many mounts as possible

Happy farming, heres some of my lazy leeching friends on their camels: 

You will only be able to realm hop with your 90s using low levels if the server you're on has a broken crossrealm zone

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