Here's a heads up for all the players coming back from TBC times with the new level boost, or for all the people who may still have old, unused characters on servers that have now turned into a ghost town. Despite both these titles having become a feat of strength, and the quests no longer giving them out, you can STILL get them. The important part is that you picked up their respective lines BEFORE the patch that 'removed' them - patch 3.02.

Now, if you do have the correct quests, you will be unable to share them, the share button is greyed out. If you got the quest AFTER patch 3.03, you can share them, and you will NOT get the Hand of A'dal or the Champion of the Naaru titles.

Here's the Hand of A'dal correct quest: The Vials of Eternity - Quest - World of Warcraft
These are the two quests you will need to have done to obtain Champion of the Naaru": Trial of the Naaru: Magtheridon - Quest - World of Warcraft and The Cudgel of Kar'desh - Quest - World of Warcraft

Take note of the quest ID's on the wowhead page, certain addons ingame such as lightheaded can check the ID of YOUR current quest, in case the share quest method is unclear to you.

TL'DR: IF you stil have these 3 quests, or completed a part of their questline BEFORE patch 3.02 hit, you can still obtain their respective titles. Old accounts, old characters, and even unlinked accounts you picked up for 20 dollars MIGHT have the correct quests in their questlog.

Don't miss the chance to benefit from this situation, for all we know blizzard might retroactively remove them from our quest logs as they've done with certain GM only quests and such in the past. I got my Hand of A'dal 2 weeks ago, after seeing that my old abandoned rogue still had the correct vials quest in his log from the days where I still wanted to raid Black Temple rather than play arena all week


EDIT: When going for Hand of A'dal, turn in the vials questline FIRST if at all possible. It is the quest also linked above. You will get your Hand of A'dal title after finishing up Black Temple with Akama, having completed his ashtongue deathsworn part.

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