This is not game breaking and for a hardcore gold farmer this is probably not even worth looking at. But for your normal player who could use the extra 1.5-3k gold perk week I highly suggest sticking around.

  • Be 600 Enchanting
  • Have Elder Charms of Good Fortune (If you have non I'll explain some easy ways to get some in 5.4 at the bottom)

What do you do? Well this part is simple. Just queue up for the first four raid finders (shown here:

The Guide is to just do them and DE the epics you get....simple as that. Use your Elder Charms of Good Fortune to double roll on every boss. I know it seems simple but let me explain why it is so effective.

These Raids have been around since the beginning of MoP essentially. Tons of people still run them who are way over geared for them. So these raids take about 10-15 minutes to finish, about 1 hour in total for all four. (Not including queue times) Blizzard basically made it so when you do these raids you get more loot because there so far behind in iLVL. You get loot pretty much every boss if not 2x the loot every boss with re-rolls. I do all four every week and on average I get about 15-20 epics per week. This is 15-20 Sha Crystals over the course of about an hour and a half. Sell Sha Crystals = Profit.

Another thing you can do with the Sha Crystals if the Crystals themselves are worth nothing on your server is make Bracer Enchants from the August Celestial rep. They usually go for about 200-400g more than the mats needed cost. This method might require some AH camping though but if you have the time it might be worth it for you. I personally am more of a casual player so I just shove the raw Crystals on to the AH and call it a day.

How do I get Elder Charms of Good Fortune in 5.4 since they changed the charm maker?

This part is very easy as well. Getting Elder Charms changed when they added Warforged Seals because now Lesser Charms do not turn into Elders. So now you have to get the Elder Charms raw. The best way to do this is getting Key to the Palace of Lei Shen (Key to the Palace of Lei Shen). This key puts you in a solo scenario FULL of chests to loot for a limited time. In those chests are gold and the Charms. You can usually get about 2 weeks worth of re-rolls in one scenario if you get good at it.

What you want to do is go to the Isle of Thunder. Once there you can do one of 2 things:

1) Farm Trove's of the Thunder King. (Trove of the Thunder King)
2) Farm trash around the island or rares. Rares are probably your best shot being that they have 8-11% chance to drop them.
Here is a guide on the rares (WoW Rare Spawns: Isle of Thunder Rare Spawns)

And thats it!

This is definitely a relaxing and pretty much free couple thousand gold per week. Queue up, play the game while queued like normal. Than just run through them as fast as possible. Average runs like I said take 10-15 minutes for the whole wing.

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