Well you read the title, its about farming gold and mats in a Cata instance called Lost City of Tol'vir located in Uldum.

After reading some guides I decided to try out something else and tbh it could work out pretty good for some. I managed to do it as moonkin ( ilvl576 ) and without any problem as tank ( ilvl573 ), so i guess most classes that have some nice AOE can do it. The spot is good since you are solo farming ( bad thing is there is a 10 instance limit per hour ) and you get a lot of gold, green items and cloth ( Embersilk Cloth ). In 30min of farming with 2 DC's i managed to get some 11 stacks of Embersilk cloth,about 25greens and some 120g looted, double that for 1 hour.  Thats total ( on my server ) about 800g ( vendoring green and putting cloth on AH to sell ). You can probably get more if you DE green items and sell mats, also keep in mind that I haven't gathered gray/trash items since im to cheap to buy mount vendor, but If you have one thats some 10-15g per run more

Also this spot is good since you can use Potion of Treasure Finding and you will get some cute little chests called Tiny Treasure Chest and each one will contain gold + a chance for some item or mats. During those 30min I got 17 chests, so thats 34-40/hour.


Now some images

Image 1

This is just the start of it, to show empty bag space and so on, nothing else

Image 2

Place where you gather them and AOE them, see how many are there + some might have evaded, or returned to their spot...

Image 3

Just my full bags now

Image 4

The path i used to kite them

Sorry if this is repost, I looked/searched but couldnt find anything

Image 5 ( After Embersilk was sold )

I went to make lunch and grab coffee with friends and when I got back my Embersilk was sold

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