Hi. It's been going around the internet a little lately, so I thought I'd post it up.

Purified Bindings (Tested with heroic) don't scale dynamically.

What this means is that you can equip a certain gearset, then equip the trinket, then switch back to your regular gearset to find the certain gearset's stats are amped.

The best way of using this, is if you are in a farming guild, or have multiple pieces of set loot, you can equip loot that doesn't have +hit on it (as this stat isn't amped by the trinket), equip trinket, and then go back to regular gear.

So for example, if your gear pieces have +Hit gems in, can equip a piece that's the same slot, but with +mastery x3 (if you are a mastery whore) etc.

It's a trick that is up to personal preference - if you 'power' amp a certain stat, then you'll lose the amp on other stats.

For example, I equipped a full mastery amp set. I gained 3.5% mastery when switching to regular gear, but lost 1% haste and 1.5% crit.

Hence why if you use +hit pieces and trade them out for pure DPS pieces, equip trinket, then swap back, it'll be of much greater benefit.

This does not persist through zone changes, so I'm not sure if it will work in stuff like Garrosh, where you are ported to multiple rooms.

Confirmed working with heroic Bindings for Mage, Warlock, disc priest. Also not sure if it's just bindings that work, because if the sha trinket works too for all classes, then you can power-amp stats even more.

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