Wednesday, April 30

Totally legitimate excuse to leave a dungeon.

One of my old guildmates lived in Alaska during Vanilla. We're not talking major city Alaska, we're talking "I don't have a car because I take a fucking BOAT everywhere" Alaska. We were in MC one night and she calmly says over Ventrilo, "I gotta go guys... (offmic) Dad get the rifle, there's a bear in the house."

Back during hurricane Katrina I was staying with a friend who lived in a sturdy apartment complex.

So we were playing before the storm hit, raiding MC with him being a tank and I was a healer.

We are plugging along when I hear someone yell "Fire". This was well before the point where the storm gets sketchy. So I ran outside real quick to see the apartment complex on fire and run back in to tell my friend.

I told him it was on the other side of the apartments and we told the raid leader.

He asked us to stay until we were kicked out by the fire department. We did. Downed Garr the first time while waiting.

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