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Tuesday, April 29

Transmogrification: Warlock - Pointy, Illidari inspired set

Rumoured to be a defector of Illidan's forces, this Warlock wanders the land, carrying with him all the knowledge he has gathered of the devious Fel Magic.

Helm: Gul'dan's Hood of Conquest
Shoulders: Voidheart Mantle
Chest: Voidheart Robe
Waist: Belt of Omission
Legs: Cloudscorcher Leggings of the Savant
Feet: Boots of the Incorrupt
Gloves: Cloudscorcher Handwraps of the Unerring
Cloak: Shroud of the Highborne
Tabard: Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari
Shirt: none
Main hand: Terokk's Shadowstaff
Off hand: none

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