Overview: This farm is an easy trash farm that most players can mull through without much hassle. It starts at the entrance of the old kingdom and ends at the foot of the second boss. To do this farm, you'll have to pull the entire instance all the while making sure you aren't killing / aggroing any bosses.

Avoiding boss aggro is easy as the first boss has his own separate room and the second boss is beyond our pulling point. To complete this farm simply travel from point A to point B while pulling as many mobs as you possibly can. The path you'll need to take is shown below in the map caption.

The video below if of the entire pull. It ends at the kill point for the mobs you'll aggro. That corner gives excellent LOS protection so you can group up the spell casters and buys you time so you can aggro the whole room. The only downside is you might have to wait for all the mobs to reach it.. For some, It might be hard to stay alive.

Once their all there, just maul down the mobs and collect your loot. Rinse and repeat.

So why not kill the bosses?
Killing the bosses (on heroic) will save you to the instance which makes sure the trash does not respawn. For the most part, the bosses are so far out of the way that you don't need to worry about not pulling them. Just follow the path to the pull point and you should be O.K.

How long does a single pull take?
5 Minutes tops. Characters with heavier speed buffs can do it a bit faster. The up time you'll experience really depends on the speed of your character, and how fast you can get from the pull spot to outside the instance for a reset.

So what about the loot?

The loot ranges from frostweave cloth, lich king greens, recipes, and rare world drops.

The gold made will always be subjective to the player and the resources they have available. Make no mistake, there is some gold to be made here, but if your not willing to put in the extra effort you'll have to settle with the lower gold range (1200g per hour). Applying trade-skills will help you bump out of the 1500g category and into the 3000g+ area.

Here's The Loot From A Recent 30 minute Session:

Greenies: 22 Lich King greens. (Can vendor them all for 300g OR auction them / DE).
Pickup Gold: 26g
Trash: 167g
Frostweave Cloth: 4.5 stacks (non-tailoring)

Exclusive drops: So far, I've gotten 2 world drops (epics) from this farm. I don't include these drops in the gold total because most players will whine about them not dropping consistently.

Here they are:
Zoms Cracklin' Bulwark (Sold for 2200g)
Signet of Edward The Odd (Haven't yet to auction)

Vanity Loot:

As for the vanity loot, here it is: Super Simian Sphere

It's a pretty model replacer, that does a neat trick or two. It's a collect and forget type of thing that only drops in lich king heroics. Minus FOS, POS, & HOR.

Now on to the most important section.

Making Gold In The Old Kingdoms.

A Consistent Auctioning Alt

Tailoring: Just having tailoring and Northrend cloth scavenging will greatly impact your gold per hour. The amount of frostweave I've gotten here (4.5 stacks) was farmed on a non tailoring character. I'd expect the cloth drops to be much higher on a tailor character. Also, if you don't have lil spark's workshop by now, I'd advise you get it. Today. It'll tell you whats the most profitable thing you can craft with your frostweave cloth, and it'll offer alternatives if the original method doesn't work. After using it you shouldn't have any excuses as to why you can't make gold with your frostweave..
With the only exception of just plain laziness.

Consistent Auctioning Alt: Here's a big one. If you have a consistent auctioneer, then you won't be selling the greens like most people. Most people will refer to their servers current market price. Instead, you'll selling them by the global market medians and not just give away your hard worked greenies. Of course, this will take longer, it may even take weeks down the road to sell everything.. but if your auctioning thousands of items a day – you won't notice it a bit. Auctioning like this will instantly move you to higher profit margins on any farm.

Enchanting: For those of you who may want to cut into their profits (at the sake of faster gold) enchanting is where you wanna be. Now I can't give you accurate prices for infinite dust on your server (only you can do that) but on mine they're selling for 67g a stack. With the amount of greens you get an hour a farming can pull off enough dust to move you around the 1200-1800g area.
However, It's best if you mix It up and not flood the AH with dusts / shards. Post carefully and you'll get there. Also, there are a couple of profitable enchants that only require dream shards and infinite dusts. Find out what they are for your server and post accordingly.

Thats all. Just thought I'd give this a share.

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