Monday, May 26

Blood coins, Auto Hot key and you

Today i'll be showing you an alternative way of farming blood coins, how fast depends on how good your computer is at opening multiple windows of wow. First of all, you'll need this item:

Fire-Watcher's Oath 

Which allows you to randomly receive coins for kills at any level, it requires 50 blood coins to purchase which may take you a little while to get but that's the hardest part of the grind if pvp isn't your thing. The way i did it was aquired: Cursed Swabby Helmet  and used a second account with a level 1 on low pop realms the same as mine (pvp and pvp for example) jumped from realm to realm and globaled people as they landed on the isle as i waited in the water, if any aggro came on top i just swam away and repeated.

Anyway, once you have the oath, what you'll want to do is make as many trial accounts as your computer can handle(mine was 3 because its older than most dinosaurs) then open each window by using the exe in your wow folder and make level 1s of the opposite faction and transport them to a remote graveyard in the world somewhere. I did it by inviting them and taking them with a 2 seater mount to my destination. Then download autohotkey and follow the instructions in this guide, its free and easy to set up:

AUTO HOT KEY / WOW (Vith's script) - Gaming - AutoHotkey Community

If you did it right, press spacebar and you should see all your trial accounts jump, if so stop autohotkey and make this macro ingame by pressing escape then macros and place it on 1 on your action bar on all your characters:

/script AcceptGroup();
/script AcceptQuest();
/script AcceptTrade();
/script RetrieveCorpse();
/script RepopMe();
/script ConfirmAcceptQuest();
/script StaticPopup_Hide("PARTY_INVITE");
/script StaticPopup_Hide("QUEST_ACCEPT");

What this does is releases and accept ress with one key, this is why we download autohotkey, to ress multiple times at the same time. Now jump on your main and set any aoe spell to the same key as your ress macro, start up autohotkey, pop your fire watchers oath and watch the blood coins roll in, with 3 accounts i average from 25 to 35 an hour (because oath only lasts 10 minutes) which is about one every 2 mins on average. You can use this to fill in the time whilst you grind more on the isle or if you hate pvp altogether, you can do this every hour and almost skip the grind completely.

Well that was my guide, i hope i explained myself well enough and good luck with the coin grind!

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