Sunday, May 25

Tailors-Embersilk Farm & You! Instant respawns. I made 4k in an hour. Here's how...

Step 1 : Travel to Wildflame Point via Molten Front (located between The Widow's Clutch & Forlorn Spire) Molten Front - Zone - World of Warcraft
Step 2 : Drink Your Potion of Treasure Finding - Item - World of Warcraft
Step 3 : Equip Your Golden Moss - Item - World of Warcraft & Your Golden Fleece - Item - World of Warcraft
Step 4 : Go ahead and try to get those 8 Druids of the Flame to stay dead at the same time! You can't do it! 
These guys keep coming back for more & on a fun note... Wow, they die in pain... judging by the screams as you murder them. Druid of the Flame - NPC - World of Warcraft <~(pins w/ cords)
Step 5 : Post up at the Auction House and deliver your Embersilk Bags, Enchanting Mats, and all your Volatiles, & Ore. (Personally I farmed so much cloth I dropped a few hundred gold on some Volatile Life and crafted some Hyjal Expedition Bags Hyjal Expedition Bag - Spell - World of Warcraft because I am a believer in the diverse AH portfolio.
Step 6 : Thank you Piles'o'Gold via cool trinkets you've way covered my repair bills and made me at least an extra 700g...

Enjoy, I hope someone finds this helpful!

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