Friday, May 30

Bloody Coin Farming

No rocket science here, but it is effective.

What you need:

3 people
  • 1 must be a warlock
  • 1 should be on a PVP server
  • Censure of Eternal Agony
  • Oqueue Addon

What to do:
  • Form a group on the Timeless Isle.
  • Make sure the leader is on a PVP sever to zone you to it.
  • Warlock set up a Portal with Ritual of Summoning.
  • List the group on Oqueue as “Bloody Coin Farming”
  • Add new players from Oqueue.
  • Summon, and kill.
  • Kick player, and repeat for the next poor shmuck.

You can add some flair to it if you want, but that’s the fundamentals of it. Listing the group as something tempting on oQueue will net you more ‘victims’ all should be come tagged for PvP on zoning to the groups realm (as long as its PvP.). Going to a quiet spot on the Timeless Isle to attract less attention, est.

Having special characters in the tag will also make it harder for people to report you. And anyway its says Blood Coin farm, they just didn’t know they were the prey :P

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