Saturday, May 17

How to skip the annoying phase 2 part of the Lady Vashj encounter

I think I've seen this method floating around but with everyone having 550+ ilvls, almost anyone can do this.

Basically you pull her away from the middle of her platform ,and down the stairs and on the broken pillar to her right, and kite her all the way on top of it.

She does two CC's, a stun and a root, so you probably want to wait until both of those are on cooldown for you to start burning her.

She transitions to phase 2 at about 70% or at about 3 mil HP.

Casters can move her to a different location further away, but for melee I think the broken pillar is the best.

The idea is to pull her far enough away from the middle of the platform and kill her before she can reach it to start phase two.

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