Sunday, May 18

Rogue easy p3 LK HC (also works on Garrosh)

Unfortunately this only works as rogue and only in combat specc.

We will use: Killing Spree - Spell 

On Lich King Heroic in P3 he will use: Harvest Souls - Spell 

You just have to use Killing Spree right before he starts his Harvest Souls cast (Boss Mod Timer required), Killings spree lasts 3 seconds, so you have to use it 1-2 seconds before the Lich King starts to cast Harvest Souls.

He will still grab you but he cant transfer you in the frostmourne room because you are in Killing Spree. So after his cast channel you are still on the frozen throne with the boss and you can free dps him, heal yourself, dance, etc. ... while he wont do anything at all, also if there are still adds they wont do anything either. This "phase" will last for 40 sec, and after that the fight will go on like the normal fight.

This is quite useful if you solo farm invincible and face damage or healing problems due to low item level gear.

The same exploit/bug works on garrosh (any difficulty).

You also have to use Killing Spree 1-2 seconds before he drags you into the Realm of Y'Shaarj (boss mod timer required). Once again the boss cant transfer you into the transmission phase and you stay in the boss room. Unfortunately garrosh isnt there either so u cant do anything at all.

While you cant help dps in the transmission phase you also dont get any damage down in the boss room, so if your raid has trouble healing in the transmission phase you just can stay alone in the boss room and chill.

I dont know what will happen if you use it right before phase 4 and you get the malice, to be honest i dont had the balls to try it out in my main raid.

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