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Make tons of Gold with old Cata Herbs

You are going to craft Mysterious Fortune Cards!You need to mill old Cata Herbs to get Ashen Pigment.I recommend Cinderbloom,on my Server 1 Stack is going for 10g at the AH!If you mill them you get 2-4 Ashen Pigment per 5 Blooms.You need 2 Pigments for 1x Blackfallow Ink,and also 1 Blackfallow Ink for one Fortune Card.On My Server cards are selling for 7-10g each.If you buy 1 Stack Herbs you´ll get around 10-12 Pigments.If you craft them into Fortune Cards you get 5-6 Cards for 7-10g each!So you made a profit over 100%!

They are a great Gold income cause there should be always a high demand on the cards,you can also advertisise in /2 to optimize your sales.Usually i buy my herbs for 10-20g/Stack.If you get herbs really cheap you can also open the cards by yourself but i don´t recommend it

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