Monday, May 5

Speedcapping RBG Worgen druids

Some of you may already know how to do it but I haven't seen a clear guide on how to do it so far, so here's my attempt.

The exploit has a lot of potential in RBGs, such as allowing you to speedcap Blacksmith in AB or the flag in EOTS but also picking up the enemy orb in Temple of Kotmogu.
It's gamebreaking as hell and can easily win you the game.

The dash macro is simply a cancelaura macro for Displacer Beast, which enables you to use Dash while under the effect of Stampeding Shout/Darkflight (not working as intended).
The second exploit is that the warrior Stampeding Shout is bugged and stacks with the rest unlike the druid Stampeding Roar.

Code:#showtooltip Dash /cancelaura Displacer Beast /cast Dash

Have fun!

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