Monday, May 5

Numbers in your name exploit

I just finished a character transfer and was prompted for a rename on my new server. I noticed and read up  on the players having numbers in their name and it appears that if you disconnect during the prompt to re-name your character, you will be able to log in with the temporary name.

Here's what I did:
I moved from the realm Kilrogg, with the name 'Kairon' to the realm Tarren Mill, well-knowing that the name was already taken. By myself.
When the character transfer was done, I was asked to change my name when i tried to log in. I had been flagged for a rename.
In the prompt-box, asking for my new name, I wrote nothing. Deleted everything in there. I then clicked 'Cancel' and hit Alt-F4 at the same time, as to simulate a disconnect.
And I logged in, perfectly fine. No issues. New fancy name, though!

In short:
  • Transfer to a server or be flagged for a rename
  • Delete everything in the prompt box
  • Simulate a disconnect by hitting alt-f4 and "Cancel" at the same time
  • Log in without an issue.

*I have no way to verify if this works for everyone, or if I just got lucky but that's how it worked for me.
*I do not know if this works with character customizations. So far it has only been reported that it works when you have been flagged for a rename, as you would due to a) a offensive name or b) due to your name being taken on the server you transferred to.

Why do this? No reason. Your name will get changed again at a point in time. But it was fun finding out how it worked and I figured I'd share it.

Here's some proof for ya:

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